How to Reach Tibet from the United States

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Nowadays, it is more convenient from the united states to Lhasa than before.

How to Reach Tibet from the United States

American passport holders travel to Tibet from US can transit through major cities on the Chinese mainland, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. You can also go to Tibet from Kathmandu. No matter which way you go to Tibet, you need to get a letter of admission. How to get from America to Tibet? From the United States to Tibet:

1. You can fly to the Chinese mainland and then go to Lhasa by plane or train in Tibet.

2. You can land in Nepal and take a flight or road trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

Flights to China and Nepal depart from the United States several times a day from different airports in four time zones.

Pacific: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Mountain: Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City

Centers: Dallas, Michigan, Chicago, Mississippi

East: New York, New Jersey, Miami, Tampa, Washington, d.c., Philadelphia

Foreigners are not allowed to travel freely in Tibet. As for the formalities, the first thing to go to China must be the passport and visa, and theTibet permit to enter Tibet. I suggest you call the travel agency of Tibet travel. There are still some foreigners traveling in Lhasa. You consult them to make it clear. You can install a Tuyou app on your phone. Go up to ask, it is travel about companion mutual aid, popularity is good, there are a few routes into Tibet, travel more, certain someone can help you solve.

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